Wood Shed Foundation

Long lasting storage shed can be achieved through establishment of sturdy wood shed foundation. Building the foundation with proper capability in carpentry will make the work easier than setting up the forms and pouring concrete while excavating. The application of principles of building a foundation does not differ from what size of the shed you specifically plan to build. Special tools are not required in making a strong and durable foundation to begin with, what you need is patience and simply time to use the lumber with accurate measurements in accordance to the shed plan.

Steps in Building the Wood Shed Foundation

To build a wood shed foundation, first thing to do is to get building permit in your city building department to make sure that your shed plan is in accordance with the anchoring restrictions which validate the wood shed plan.

Next is to measure the materials and cut it in accordance to the shed design. All the floor joints, two rim joists, two band boards should be cut and then precisely skids them to size. At each end of the floor frame are the rim joists extending to the outer. The attachment of rim joist and joists are the long side of the band boards. On the top of the skids, place the floor frame.

Third is to mark every twelve inches on the center of the two band boards with joists, nail each joists of the floor frame and the two rim joists to the band boards and then assemble it, use 16d galvanized common nails.

Fourth, with equal spacing, lay the skids on the ground, they should be place such that when the floor frame is put on top, it will extend an equal amount out to the side of the outer skids or the long sides of the frame rest flush with the outer skids. Using the carpenter’s level, check the levels of the skids. For accurate measurements, the skids should be fit that requires removal or additional soil underneath the skids. Make any necessary adjustments in the floor frame at the very top of the skids if the diagonal corners are not totally square. Using the 16d galvanized nails, drive nails at an angle through the joists into the skids. This is simply known as toe-nailing. The measure of joists should be at four foot, eight-foot and twelve foot lengths together with the skids before attachment making it sure that they are in the precise position which is the center. In doing so, nailing edges of the plywood flooring makes the work easier in a way of they will fall perfectly right of a joist. Also do not forget the flooring frame on the ground to anchor in accordance to the safety requirements.

Lastly, after the attachments of plywood to the frame, you may start laying the plywood at any of the front corners. Using the 8d galvanized box nails, nail the plywood in the interior by twelve inches and for the outer floor edges is six inches around.

Maybe it’s time to start your own wood shed project!