Shed Designs

Shed designs vary considerably based on size, construction complexity, the kind of material it is made of, and design desired by the shed owners. Garden sheds form part of the vast majority of sheds and may either be potting sheds or tool sheds. Bike sheds usually include a framework to which bikes are secured and locked. Boat sheds are lockable wooden sheds built near a lake or a river to store small private boats and related items.


Metal sheds are usually made from sheets of galvanized steel, corrugated iron and aluminum fastened to a metal frame. Galvanized metal sheets do not easily rust and are not susceptible to termite rotting while resistant to fire.

Plastic sheds are durable and easy to install.

Wooden sheds can be easily transformed since wood can be easily cut and bored into.Wooden sheds can be customized to match e.g. siding, trim of the main house.

Dormers, shutters, weathervanes, finials and flowerboxes can be considered decorative options which can be added to the shed for a more pleasant look and design.

Sheds that are designed for gardening are called potting sheds which often include windows or skylights for illumination, ventilation grills and a potter’s bench for combining re-potting plants and soil.

Salt Box Roof Style

One style of shed that has a lot of character and has good external appearance is the salt box roof style. The shed with this design is great for garden tools and has a special roof framing which is easier to build than the basic gable shed. Storage of small items is made possible in the overhang area of the roof that extends further from the front wall. Windows, shelving, workbenches and flowerboxes can be easily added to the inside of the saltbox shed.

Barn Style Shed

A shed with a gambrel style roof can provide for lots of storage space for the same square footage. The loft area is perfect for storing many clutters which you need to get out of your garage. However, the barn style shed will cost more but the extra storage space you will obtain will be a great plan to secure and protect more tools and equipments. Shelving, windows and even roll-up doors can be added to the gambrel style shed.

Lean to Sheds

Lean to sheds has a shed roof with a single slope which is easy and simple to build such that it won’t take too much of your time. The lean to shed is a great little storage structure for storing garden tools, pool equipment or just anything you want to put in. Firewood can also be stored in lean to sheds.

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