Shed Building Tips for Beginners

Making or building a storage shed from nothing is difficult at first, but it’s not so hard than what you think and not so difficult that you need to call in the professional carpenters and wood workers to do the job. But it will be big enough if you don’t have proper planning that can quickly result in many unanticipated problems. These problems may results in adding time and expenses from the normal operations. Aside from that, even the quality of work will suffer on what you thought was going to be a justly straight forward project.What’s good is that there is no need to get to the extent of ripping your hair out with frustration. You may also do some research and planning for structure beforehand which will help you to save more money on the process and avoid the hidden drawbacks.

The easiest way to build a shed, especially if you’re a beginner do-it-yourselfer, is to buy a set of building plans if you don’t have one or if you don’t know how to make one. Shed plan is available or can be found and mail-order it from several online sources. These shed plans usually include construction details, scaled drawings of the building and list of tools and materials needed that shows the quantity and sizeeven the type of the lumber and hardware needed for your project. After you secure your plans, you need to apply for building permit first from your local building department before starting constructing your shed. Don’t be intimidated by the building inspector. The main role of the building inspector is to review your plans and ensure that everything will be built to code so that you will avoid any corrections and violations in the end. If you already have building permit, then let’s start the construction process.

First step is the most important step. Selecting the right site or location is very important that you have to consider. Make a study about the area. The ideal location should be accessible, dry and fairly level. Do not construct shed in a low-lying area that collects water or else it will become a catch basin when it rains. The area should also be free from excess moisture that can rot wood, promote the growth of molds and mildew, rust hinges and blister paint.            Next step is to create a sound foundation. Choosing proper materials are the key to a rock-solid and long lasting foundation. Next step is to build a rot proof floor. Choose pressure treated lumber in building the shed’s floor frame because if you don’t it will rot in time. Also use rust resistant screws like 2 inches long galvanized decking screws, it holds better than nails. Another way to prevent water from rotting your shed is to promote good circulation of air. Build at least 6 inches above the ground to prevent moisture from gathering underneath. Give it some air at least 3 feet open space around the shed’s wall so that the air and sunlight can pass through in inside the shed. Next is to build roof trusses. The easiest way is to build roof trusses laying it down the floor deck, and then raise the trusses into position after building up walls. Next, choose windows wisely. Face the windows where the sunlight can pass through. Choose double door instead. For small shed, a single pair of swing door is ok but if you are building a large one, it would be wise to install two pairs of doors. And above all, don’t do it yourself everything if you want to finish your shed in no time.